Alphabet Cards



When used with games from the book Music Mind Games, these cards help students:

  • learn the musical alphabet and intervals (e.g. seconds, thirds, fifths)
  • become fluent in the musical alphabet: backwards and forwards with any interval
  • identify notes on the staff using grand staff cards
  • write scales using a matching colored wild card and sharps or flats
  • write triads and chords with sharps or flats
  • practice key signatures

You can use the alphabet cards to play such games as: Fat Snake, Fine, Interval Dictation Circle, Match This Card, Write a Scale, Four kinds of Triads, Key Signature Solitaire.

These cards contain 6 sets in six colors, 6 wild cards, and two games. The alphabet cards includes the letter "H" for countries who use "H" for "B" and use "B" for "B-flat". 

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Price: $7.75