In Brief: 
"Daily Do" is an original 67-note song using solfege and Curwen hand signs to sing intervals, major and minor triads and scales. It forms the basis for learning the staff, steady tempo, and scales. Students learn from the teacher over days, weeks or months. There are many fun variations improve memory and musicianship.
(1) Develop the ability to keep a steady beat (2) Sing intervals, scales and triads using solfege and hand signs (3) Feel the relationship of major and relative minor
Prerequisite Concepts: 
Teacher's Role: 
Sing with students to teach "Daily Do" and Curwen hand signs. Model each variation as you sing with your students. It's possible to combine some of the variations, but only if students are not overwhelmed. "Daily Do" should be learned over many sessions.
Daily: First thing at every lesson or class and daily at home