In Brief: 
Students practice singing "Daily Do" in a variety of ways to introduce new skills to develop excellent inner listening skills, the ability to think ahead and to interject an element of fun into learning this song
Sing “Daily Do” while practicing and developing skills such as: (1) thinking ahead while singing, (2) integrating rhythm with pitch, (3) positioning notes on the staff, (4) feeling the beat, (5) interpreting musical symbols, (6) concentrating while moving one’s body, and (7) playing pitches on a xylophone. Rigor can be easily added to the variations as the students advance.
Prerequisite Concepts: 
Ability to sing "Daily Do"
Teacher's Role: 
Model each variation as you sing with your students. It's possible to combine some of the variations, but only if students aren't overwhelmed.
Create opportunities to repeat these variations