In Brief: 
Musopoly is a colorful and exciting board game that combines many components of music theory and reading.
Musopoly has thrills and challenges like the classic American real estate trading game. Players enjoy helping each other when needed and earning rhythm playing cards and gold coins. The variety of music theory subjects and music-reading skills reinforced in one short time period is amazing. There are three basic ways to play Musopoly: 1. LEARN Experience the game and learn the answers during play, gradually becoming more independent. 2. PLAY Learn all things necessary to: answer the cards, read the rhythms, take dictation and perform solos with confidence. It is fun to zip around the Musopoly game board when the answers are easy. 3. STAY IN SHAPE Playing Musopoly regularly is an excellent way to help reinforce what’s been studied.
Prerequisite Concepts: 
Teachers and parents should introduce Musopoly at the right time in a child's musical education so the game is viewed as fun and exciting. When students roll the dice, draw cards and answer the questions with confidence, their joy in being a musician and self-esteem flourishes. Playing the many games found on the Music Mind Games website is an excellent way to prepare. Before playing Musopoly, read the Music Mind Games Cornerstones found on the website or in the Handbook.
Teacher's Role: 
Play along with students and have fun!