Pregame: Whole and Half Rests

During the game, students must recognize whole and half rests right-side up and upside down. Hold up a whole rest card upside in front of them and ask, "What rest is this?" Most likely, they will answer, "A whole rest". 


Turn the card upside down and ask the question again.  I've found they are most likely to answer, "a half rest". I usually don't respond right away, an unspoken way to encourage them to think about it. In a short time someone will answer, "Oh, I know! It's a whole rest upside down."



"Right! Why?"

Someone will answer, "Because of Freddie." Seeing recognition across all their faces assures me that they understand. "And dogs don't fly." (Laughter)

It helps to illustrate this concept using an alphabet card. "It's an A no matter how I turn it, right?"



The students will soon be fast at recognizing whole and half rests even when they are upside down. It is pedagogically important that they can recognize a whole or half rest even when one of them is upside down. This means they really know it.

It's useful to remind students of how the guide cards can help them when they need them.