Whoever has the longer note or rest wins both cards. The winner quickly slides both cards close to herself, leaving them face up on the floor. This makes it easier for you to keep track of the action especially if there are several pairs playing at the same time.  

Then it’s time for another round. Rounds continue over and over. When a player has used all his cards, he picks up the ones he’s won, straightening them as he turns them over and he’s ready to continue.


When cards of equal value show up together then it is war. Each player lays the next card face down, then a third card is placed face up. These third cards decide who wins all six cards.


There may be a double war.



Or even a triple war.



Here we see one happy boy and one glum boy who is only making a face for the photo. What happened next? Both boys continue the game with much laughter. 



The game continues until it is time to stop.