Deal the Cards

Mix up the cards and deal them face up to the students and yourself. Deal them gently and in an unhurried, welcoming way. This is reassuring to young children and lets them know to treat the cards with respect.



They will chatter happily: “I got a G.” “I have two B’s.” “And I got a pink C.”



If parents are present, ask them to show their cards to their parents, saying each letter in turn. Having students move around a little this way will help them focus on the game to come. It also allows you to listen to them to see how well they know their letters and observe the interaction between the parents and children.



Teachers like playing Fat Snake in workshops, some pretending to be children and some their parents.



Invite the children back to the circle as they finish saying their letters. If they are holding them in their hands, show them how to put their cards face up in front of themselves.