“Does anyone have an A?” They may need some help from you arranging the cards in a row.




"Well done, everyone. What’s the next letter after A? A . . . right! B”



They place their B cards above the A cards, matching colors. The children will often chatter throughout the game. "I don't have a B." "I don't either."

Reassure them. "It's okay, everyone has lots of cards. Maybe you'll have the next letter."

If a child doesn't see the pattern of matching the colors, gently move their card to the correct space.



“What’s the next letter after B? A, B . . . . right! C”.




Continue on through the alphabet, each time letting them tell you what’s next. If there's a need to prompt them, it will help for you to point to the existing letters in the snake as you say, "A . . B . . C . .  " "D!" "Right, let's look for our D cards."





If you find yourself waiting for a card, casually say, "Can you all check to see if you might still have an A card." It should turn up as children look through their cards or around and under each other. "Oh, there's an F over there, under Nathan!" "Oh, my it must be hiding."





"WOW. This is a beautiful snake. Well done, kiddos."