Play (Sing)

“Let's sing 'I'm A Note' Lines and Spaces.” Place your hands to your ears and wait for them to copy you. Using the score, sing together:

“I’m a note that’s on the line, on the line, on the line. I'm a note that's on the line . . .”



". . . and now I'm in the space"



Continue to sing the song with the motions. When you finish, everyone breaks into laughter!




Before singing the song a second time, guide students to make their lines straight by lifting their elbows up. Hold your two fingers out in front of your face and move them slowly so your fingers touch saying, “Pretend the line is going all the way through the middle of my head.” Make your eyes wide so they know you’re imagining this.

Sing the song again with smiles and laughter and straight lines. It’s more fun to bounce side to side a little with the beat of the song.