With Magic Notes

Pick up one magic note and ask each student to take one magic note, too. To help them make a connection between the song and the materials make round motions with your finger around your face and around the magic note to help them understand that their heads are round like the magic note.



“Let’s put a magic note between our fingers so it’s like our head.” Lots of smiles. Sing the song again, holding the magic note with two fingers on either side.

When you get to the part in the song. "Now I'm in the space." move your fingers to hold the magic note so it's in the space between your fingers. Of course, your magic note and some of the students' magic notes might fall. That's the funny part. Pick up yours if you drop it and keep singing, moving the magic note back and forth to match the lyrics. It's really silly, but the students are learning.


Connecting the Song to Lines and Spaces on the Staff

Students love finding lines and spaces to match the song on staff slates using magic notes.





Sing the song as you move the magic notes on the staff slate.