Choose a Meter and Play

Choose a meter such as 4/4. Place one blue jello card in front of the students and the time signature card to the left of it. Turning the card over, help them understand what the numbers mean. Holding a blue bar line and keeping the beat, you and the students say, “One, two, three, four, bar line,” as you move it along above the Blue Jello symbols.

Place the blue bar line on the card. Ask the students to say and sign the measure while you count out loud. Continue adding more blue jello cards to make more measures so you and/or the students can add blue bar lines to the cards.

Anytime a card has too many beats or doesn't fit the meter, simply slide it under the previous card so the measure is simple to understand.

Sign and say the measures together, using a slight pulse on beat one.





Add two blue bar lines for a double bar line. Add two dots if a repeat is desired.

If you would like to emphasize the measures more, use your right to point to the first measure, your left hand to point to the second measure, and so on.


Blue Bar Lines from Music Mind Games on Vimeo.