Two Groups


1. Invite students to sit in a semi-circle in front of you.

2. Motion for the students on your right to move over a little bit so it's easy for the students to see they are divided into two groups.

3. Facing the group on your right (Group 1), hold up one blue jello word card (e.g., “blue," quarter note). Show them both sides of the card, then say and sign "blue blue blue..." so they say it with you. Place the card near your right knee.

4. Select a second card, show it to the group on your left (Group 2), and get them started saying and signing it. Now both groups are simultaneously saying and signing their own rhythm.

5. Select a new card for Group 1 and hold it up for them to see. While looking at Group 1, say and sign the new card so they switch to this new rhythm.

6. Once Group 1 is steady, hold up another card (e.g., “jel-lo”) for Group 2. Show them both sides and get them started with the new rhythm.

7. Continue for as many rounds as the game is enjoyable.