Benefits of "Daily Do"



"Daily Do" is sung with solfege (do re mi fa so la ti do) or (do re mi fa sol la si do) and Curwen hand signs.

"Daily Do" is the gateway song to singing and understanding intervals, major and minor triads, a major scale and a minor scale. Without effort, students learn the relationship of a major key to it's relative minor. First students learn the notes, then rhythms and eventually students sing "Daily Do" as a 2 or 3-part canon.

The opening interval is a minor third, a natural interval for children of many cultures worldwide to sing. Beginning with three pitches (so mi and do) from the middle of the scale is easier than beginning at the bottom with do and one at a time, learning the six pitches above.

With practice, many students and teachers can sing the first note without having to hear it first. From that note, they are able to find any tone in the scale.




1.    Everyone stands tall with confidence
2.    Singing in tune
3.    Major, minor, triads and scales and intervals are all in one song
4.    Natural way to learn the relationship of major and minor scales
5.    Excellent warm-up for ear, eye, voice and body
6.    Hands are moving vertically like the staff
7.    Experience happens before labeling or seeing the musical score
8.    Singing at the beginning of each class or lesson brings continuity and discipline