Skill Builder #4: Eyes Closed

As students learn to sing "Daily Do," it's beneficial to ask them to sing using hand signs with their eyes closed.

  • You can assess how much they know on their own
  • They learn to think independently
  • They learn to think ahead rather than copy someone else

It's important that students feel safe and not feel that they are being tested. This can be easily accomplished if you say with a twinkle in your eye, "Let's sing it again together, but this time I'd like you to close your eyes."

You may see surprised expressions on their faces.

"I will sing along with you. If you would like, just open your eyes and look at me anytime. I am your guide card. It's fun to discover how much you can do on your own. Okay? Is everyone ready? Eyes closed . . . .  Ready, go. So mi so mi  . . . . "