Memory Ideas for Hand Signs

These tips for making the hand signs properly will lighten up the mood as students are learning "Daily Do". Sing the first two measures of "Daily Do” a few times. As you get ready to start again, share one or two tips and begin singing "Daily Do” together slowly. Start again and again (see Da Capo), repeating small sections to learn the tones and hand signs.

Note: The numbers refer to the order in which the signs appear when singing "Daily Do”.


1. So  “Like two fish swimming to each other. Nemo’s father, Marlin, and Dori are saying ‘hello’.” Make a swimming motion with your hands. 


2. Mi  “Marlin and Dori are swimming flat on the ocean floor.”


3. La  “Your mouth makes an open shape singing la, and your hands do the same.”       


4. Do  “Like a lump of bread dough or cookie dough. Yummm.”



5. Re  “Like the rays of sun rising in the morning.” 




6. Fa  “Thumbs pointing down to the half step to mi.” Say this even if you haven’t studied half steps. It's good to plant the concept and labeling of half steps. 



7. Ti  As students sing and make the sign for la (measure #5), pause and ask, "Where would you point if I said to point up?" They will point up. Show them how to slightly angle their fingers for the hand sign. “We are pointing up to the half step to do.”

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