Follow the Leader

This fun step engages your students attention so they wathc and follow you to learn the Curwen hand signs more easily.

"Please follow me."

Do various motions for them to copy, always using both your hands. Intermittently mix in the curwen hand signs. This step doesn't involve any singing or sounds. Suggestions:

  • Palms on your cheeks
  • Hands together at heart center
  • Curwen hand sign for low do
  • tips of fingers touching your shoulders
  • Hands on knees
  • Hands covering your ears
  • Curwen hand sign for so
  • Hands on top of your head
  • Curwen hand sign for fa
  • Curwen hand sign for ti
  • Index fingers point into your mouth

Continue but add sounds and do re mi pitches

  • "sooooooo" with Curwen hand sign for so
  • Hands on your hips
  • "miiiiiii" with Curwen hand sign for mi
  • Hands under your chin
  • "so mi" with Curwen hand signs

Then you're into the next step.