To Begin

Step 1 - Setting up the cards

Sit close enough to the students so you can reach out and help them when necessary.

As you set up your own cards (facing you and not them), give simple, clear directions, "Take your top guide card and put it face up to one side. Take the bottom guide card and place it face up on the other side. Place your card stack in the middle." 

Step 2 - Why Freddie is important

Demonstrate each of these steps at the same time you are speaking:

  • Look around to make sure Freddie is facing the correct direction on all the stacks. This will ensure you don't begin with some of the piles upside down. If not, either help the students turn their piles or let them do it. This depends on the age of the students and how many students you have.
  • Ask everyone to point to Freddie. Check that everyone is doing this.



  • Say, "Just move your finger to the first note (line)" and glance around to see if everyone's ready. "Ok, let's go. Blue blue blue blue blue." Since the first few cards are symmetrical, finding Freddie on the first card is a non-correcting way to ensure they are reading left to right without having to give them explicit directions.