Jel-lo Jel-lo

  1. Create awareness of the beam and teach a term: “Let’s touch the beam with our fingers.” Just use the term without any fuss. Run your finger back and forth on the beam as they do the same.
  2. Demonstrating say, “We touch our hands together like this to show that these jel-los are beamed together. If they were separate . . . like this (move your hands so they aren't touching), they would be written differently. Very good. Be sure to leave the same amount of space between your two middle fingers.”





Where is the Top?

In my mind, while making the Blue Jello hand sign for "jel-lo jel-lo", the beam is actually on top, at the open ends of the two fingers. It's imagined. When touching our hands together to show they're beamed, I realize we’re beaming the bottom, but frankly, no student has ever been confused.