Big Blue Jello Cards

The big blue jello cards set 1 are useful in many ways. They make it easier for students to see your cards whenever they look over at you for guidance. The preferred way of playing with the blue jello cards is for students to have their own sets of cards because:

  1. Their cards are right in front of them so they're easy to see
  2. They are touching the cards and making the hand signs along the bottom of the card in real time along while hearing the Blue Jello words
  3. They are more focused and better behaved
  4. They feel empowered and in control
  5. It's more effective learning and not only teaching



If it's not possible to have individual cards, the big blue jello cards can be effective. The students can say the words and make the signs along with you.



When you make hand signs that need both hands, prop the cards against your knees.

How to hold the big blue jello cards: