What is Music Mind Games?


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Music Mind Games began in 1973 when Michiko Yurko started teaching young students using her original handmade alphabet cards, blue jello sticks, and bingo cards. Almost immediately, other teachers were anxious to use her ideas and games. In 1979, Alfred Publishing Company Inc., published her first book, No H in Snake: Music Theory for Children. Her second book, Music Mind Games, and three large boxes of ready-made materials were published by Warner Bros. Publications in 1992. Michiko's third book, Music Mind Games Unit 1, was published in 2020.

Music Mind Games, LLC was founded in 2005 and is owned by Michiko. This website debuted in 2016 to offer teacher and parent memberships, updates, photos, instructional videos, and an online store of all Music Mind Games materials. Michiko is the graphic artist and creator of all the materials.

Music Mind Games includes:

  • Clever, exciting games
  • Fun and attractive materials
  • An innovative curriculum

These concepts work together to teach music theory and create music literacy like never before.

Teachers and parents all over the world love this unique approach, the creative games, and the attractive products. Music Mind Games are used in individual studio lessons, studio group classes, classrooms, workshops, choirs, and in homes.  


Why Games?

  • It's easy to hold students' attention
  • Students relax and learn faster
  • Memory training happens naturally
  • Students learn to work cooperatively
  • Students feel a sense of progress and accomplishment
  • Students are empowered to learn rather than be taught
  • Students are happy to repeat games, a fundamental of learning
  • Games allow teachers to personally relate to each student
  • Teachers can evaluate comprehension without testing

Our curriculum includes a built-in review of skills and flexibility to work with all situations

Our games and products work for a variety of learning styles (aural, visual, kinesthetic) and for all ages and skill levels.


A Nurturing Philosophy

Michiko has authored 16 Cornerstones to guide teachers, parents, and students on the philosophy of Music Mind Games.



Fairies, by the author of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, is one of Michiko's favorite fairy tales because it beautifully illustrates how the attitudes and the words we use can create very different results.