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Teacher Membership


Designed for teachers and parents who want all our published games

  • Access to ALL the games published on our website: 100 Unit 1 games and 19 Unit 2 games
  • Includes Teaching, Memory, Classic, Solitaire, and Review games
  • Free PDFs of "Daily Do" scores, cards, games (all downloadables)
  • Content updated year-round
  • $9.95 per month



Parent Membership


Designed for parents and teachers who want a sampling of games
"Parents- You can play Memory Games at home after your teacher teaches new concepts in lessons."

  • Access to SELECT Teaching and Memory games
  • Free PDFs of "Daily Do" scores
  • Content updated year-round
  • $4.95 per month



We have posted free games in 10 subject areas to see our library without a membership.
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What Games are Included

Open the PDF file below to see which games are included in the two memberships. 



  • Access to our Game Library
  • Find detailed game instructions
  • Game details are at your fingertips on all your devices
  • Membership includes photos, videos, and helpful tips
  • Teacher memberships will include free access to print various cards, charts, posters, scores, and PDFs designed by Michiko
  • Online content is updated regularly


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Slow - Notes & Rests Clip from Music Mind Games on Vimeo.