Game Library Memberships

Teacher Membership

Good for teachers and parents who want all the available games

  • Access to ALL games (92 of 100 First Steps and 18 Second Steps games are published as of 08/19/2019)
  • Includes teaching, memory, classic, solitaire and evaluation games
  • Free PDFs* of "Daily Do" scores, cards and other ideas from Michiko
  • Content updated year round
  • $9.95 per month



Parent Membership

Good for parents and teachers who want a sampling of games

  • Access to SELECT games (55 of 55 First Steps and 9 Second Steps games are published as of 08/19/2019)
  • Includes primarily memory games
  • Free PDFs* of "Daily Do" scores from Michiko
  • Content updated year round
  • $4.95 per month



We have posted seven (7) free games in seven (7) subject areas to view without a membership to see our library.
* These items will be additional items specifically created for our members.
Professionally printed Music Mind Games materials available in our store will not ever be available to print as PDFs.

Michiko and others are working daily to post new games to the Game Library. As you might imagine, it's a big project.
We will send out newsletters periodically highlighting newly added games.
We appreciate your understanding and patience.

What Games are Included

Open the PDF file below to see which games are included in the different memberships as well as which games are published or are coming soon. 



  • Access to games in our Game Library
  • Find detailed and dynamic game instructions
  • Game details are at your fingertips on your portable device.You can quickly review or check what materials are needed when you're about to begin a game
  • Membership include photos, videos, and helpful tips
  • Teacher memberships will include free access to print various cards, charts, posters, scores and PDF's designed by Michiko. Currently "Daily Do" scores, "Daily Do" Song Puzzle Cards are available and more items are in preparation (9-23-2016)
  • Content online will be updated regularly


Your credit card will be automatically billed on the same day each month. You may cancel at any time by going to your Account. But, we hope you like us and stay.

Since this is a new addition to our website there is the occasional glitch for a few customers. If you notice anything odd with your membership, please contact us so we can fix it for you.

Other questions? Contact Us! We're happy to help.


Slow - Notes & Rests Clip from Music Mind Games on Vimeo.