Game Categories

We are constantly testing and updating our games, as well as creating new ones. Michiko has been playing some of our games for nearly 50 years.

All the games fall into one of two categories:

  1. Teaching Games
    Teacher is leading
    New concepts
    Students are involved
    Teacher paces the game
    Peer learning
    Teacher assessment

  2. Memory Games
    Teacher is less involved
    Learned information
    Playtime for students
    Memory sharpening
    Peer learning
    Teacher assessment

Games can also fall into the following categories:

  1. Classic
    These 14 games use slightly different rules and different materials to learn/review multiple subjects
  2. Solitaire
    These games can be played in a group or with one player. Ideal for home practice or while observing another student's lesson
  3. Evaluation 
    These games can be used to evaluate students' progress on a particular subject

Subject Areas

Music Mind Games games and concepts are organized into nine subject areas. 

1. Dictation and Sight-Singing

2. Alphabet and Intervals

3. Reading Rhythms

4. Rhythm Math

5. Staff and Notes

6. Tempos

7. Music Symbols

8. Scales and Key Signatures

9. Triads and Chords