To Determine Your Shipping Cost

  1. Place your products in your shopping cart
  2. Fill out the form, including your shipping address
  3. Click on the word (not the icon) of the carrier you want
  4. Your quote will appear
  5. You will see the shipping costs before you complete your order and checkout

The cost of shipping depends on where exactly you're getting things shipped to and what you want to ship because different weights and measurements cost different prices.

USPS is the United States government postal service. USPS ships internationally, but they don't handle the whole process. At some point, the package gets transferred to your government shipper or a private shipping company (like FedEx). 

FedEx is a global company. Their shipping is a little faster, and because they are global they are taking care of the package from pickup to delivery. If there's a question or delay, it's easier to find out why. Both services are guaranteed and insured. It's your choice of which option to choose.

Customs: Sometimes our shipments to different countries get held at customs and the customer is contacted by their local postal service to pay any customs fees or provide paperwork in addition to what we include on the outside of our boxes shipping internationally. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when shipments will or will not get held by customs or what your taxes or fees might look like.

Our schedule: Orders are fulfilled the day of or next day that they are placed Monday - Friday.

Order Too Big? If you don't see the USPS shipping options, your box is too big and our site can't calculate more than one USPS Box at a time. Try splitting into two or more orders.

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