Real Rhythm Cards Set
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The real rhythm cards set is unique since the length of each card shows the relative value of the notes and rests. 


  • Real rhythm cards set
    • 40 cards, 11" x 2.85" make 144 cards when cut apart
  • Two sets of 14 different time signature cards
  • Ideas booklet 
  • gold coins to reinforce the rhythm values of the cards
  • 100 magic notes to reinforce the rhythm values of the cards
  • Tips for using the cards and 6 games of varying levels that incorporate the materials listed above
  • 20 gold coins
  • Organza bag*

Except for the whole notes, whole rests, sixteenth rests and guide cards, cards in the real rhythm cards set must be cut into the proper lengths for the notes and rests. It is easy to do this. 

*Organza bag contents:










Read about how to cut your cards.