Panda Pack Combined
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Panda Pack Combined includes all the materials in the Panda Melody Pack and the Panda Rhythm Pack together at a discounted price.

The Panda Rhythm and Panda Melody Packs each include three-card sets and accessories to teach students in a variety of group settings. 

These materials are suitable for students ages pre-k to adult and are used in beginner, intermediate and advanced games.  


When using these materials, teachers are encouraged to keep the games light-hearted, use humor and positive language to explain concepts and be happy with students so they learn more easily.


Includes one of each of the following products: 

rhythm bingo cards
12 large bingo cards

real rhythm card set 
1 binder of cards, small bag of time signature cards, and magic notes, and 20 gold coins

blue jello word cards
1 deck of cards

staff slates
12 staff slates and accessories

paper pianos
12 paper pianos

melodic bingo cards
12 large bingo cards


rainbow xylophone
8 tones /  2 mallots

1 handbook

magic notes bag
1 bag that holds up to 1000 magic notes

tote bag
1 tote bag