Puppy Packet
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Our #1 best seller, the puppy packet is the product we recommend as your first Music Mind Games purchase.

The materials can used individually or in combination with each other as well as the Panda Packs to play hundreds of games at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These materials can be used both individually, in small groups and in classrooms.

PLEASE NOTE: The folding staff slate is cut and scored so it will fold in fourths for easier transport and to fit inside the Puppy Packet carry box. 

About Handbook.10

All educational material remains the same. What's new:

  • New cover design
  • A few photos, charts, and graphics have been replaced, updated, and moved around. New photos have been added
  • The Curriculum is divided into three levels rather than five. The objectives are the same, but the content is revised a little. Here is a download of the six Curriculum pages

Unless you would like to, it is not necessary to replace previous editions.




Includes one of each of the following products:

alphabet cards 
1 deck of cards

do re mi cards 
1 deck of cards

blue jello cards 
- set 1 
1 deck of cards

folding staff slate 
one staff slate
with transparencies

grand staff cards
1 deck of cards

rhythm playing cards
1 deck of cards

music symbol cards
1 deck of cards

 tempo cards
1 deck of cards

1 handbook

magic notes
100 magic notes

magic notes container
1 container that can store 50 magic notes

magic wand
1 magnetic wand

carry box
a sturdy case that fits all the puppy and puppy plus materials