The Teacher Trainers

Amy Fowers - Syracuse, Utah

Amy Fowers HeadshotAmy Fowers was born and raised in Utah. She attended Weber State University (1994), where she participated in the Piano Performance and Technical Sales and Marketing Programs. She has been a piano instructor for twelve years in Weber and Davis Counties.

Amy currently resides and manages her own piano studio of 80+ students and two student teachers in Syracuse, Utah.  She has received various training certificates in Music Mind Games with Michiko Yurko in Kensington, Maryland over the past five years, including unit 1 and 2 certifications. Amy has used the Music Mind Games Theory program extensively in the instruction of her own students as well as other children from around the intermountain west areas. 

Amy currently teaches ten Music Mind Games classes with music students of all ages and instruments. She has been involved with the ongoing training of teachers, as well as developing and implementing Music Mind Games into the educational curriculum at Syracuse Arts Academy in Syracuse, Utah.  Amy currently serves on the Board of Directors at Syracuse Arts Academy as an advisor to the Board in the arts. 

Some of the other things she enjoys are playing violin, singing, horseback riding,and skiing.  She also loves spending time with her husband and raising her two daughters and twin boys.  Amy attended a Unit 1 Teacher Trainer retreat in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware in August of 2010 where she received her certification to train teachers for Music Mind Games unit 1 workshops.  She has since taught three two-day workshops, as well as a unit 1 workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Joyce Bennett - Washington D.C.

Joyce BennettJoyce Bennett received her Bachelor of Arts degree in flute performance from American University in Washington, DC and completed graduated studies in Suzuki flute pedagogy at East Tennessee State University. She is certified to teach Suzuki flute at all levels. She has played with the Utah Symphony, the Pacific Palisades Orchestra, and the West Valley Chamber Orchestra. She is a Music Mind Games teacher-trainer and has taught and presented at institutes, conferences and workshops in Colorado, Washington, Utah, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon and Tennessee. She is currently teaching at the Levine School of Music in Washington, DC and has her own home studio. She has taught Music Mind Games for over 18 years.

Joyce is married to former United States Senator, Robert Bennett of Utah. They have six children and twenty grandchildren.  

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Gitte Chren - Skørping, Denmark

Gitte Chren

Gitte is an educated pianist from The Conservatory in Aalborg and graduated in 1994 as a trained music teacher (AM). Her specialties are choir and band conducting as well as elementary music education with children.

She now works at Aalborg Kulturskole and Rebild Kulturskole where she teaches piano, including preparation class for the conservatory (MGK and Talentklasse), elementary music with children, choir, and Music Mind Games whenever and wherever she can.

"It gives me so much pleasure to teach such a necessary thing in music in such an easy and fun way, and I am proud to be a part of it. Besides the teacher trainer part, I have written songs to go along with Music Mind Games which helps and enhance the understanding of music theory furthermore."

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Carsten Viuf - Skørping, Denmark

Carsten Viuf

Carsten is an educated violinist from The Royal Conservatory of Music (Denmark) and the Orchestra Department of the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia).

He is a Suzuki violin teacher and a Music Mind Games Teacher Trainer. He previously worked in the Odense Symphony Orchestra and now works at Aalborg Kulturskole teaching the Suzuki violin.

"Together with Inge Brink Nielsen and Gitte Chren, I am leading Unit 1 Teacher Training workshops, Music Mind Games presentations, and 2-day Music Mind Games workshops. It´s really a pleasure travelling around doing Music Mind Games workshops with such a great method. The fantastic materials have been thoroughly prepared to make learning music an entertaining and exciting experience for the children."

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Inge Brink Nielsen - Skørping, Denmark

Inge Brink Nielsen

Inge is a trained music teacher (AM) from The Conservatory of North Jutland (1985) with singing, choir and band conducting and elementary music education as her specialties.

Since her formal education, she has taught in several kinds of educational establishments and worked with many age groups. Since 1990, she has been employed at Klostermarksskolen, a private school in Aalborg, as well as at Aalborg Kulturskole, the music school in Aalborg. She teaches music and French and is the choirmaster of three children’s choirs.

"In the fall of 2010 I have started giving Unit 1 Teacher Training Workshops together with Carsten and Gitte as well as making one day Music Mind Games Presentations and two-day Music Mind Games Workshops. I really love teaching Music Mind Games both to children and to teachers. With children I see how easy and fun it is for them to learn, and with teachers I always see great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about this magnificent system: 'That’s what we have been missing'. And in addition, it’s so fun for me as well."

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The Danish Mindgateers

Gitte, Carsten, and Inge attended their first Music Mind Games Unit 1 Teacher Trainer Workshop in Oskarshamn, Sweden in July 2006. Since then, they attended the Unit 1 Teacher Training Workshop in Aalborg in July, 2007, and assisted Michiko as a Teacher Trainer apprentice at the Unit 1 Teacher Training Workshop in Aalborg in June, 2008 and June, 2009. 

In April, 2009, Kristian Dalgaard Nielsen, the leader at Aalborg Kulturskole, arranged a special Unit 2 Teacher Training Workshop for Inge, Carsten, and Gitte. Two months later, Inge, Carsten and Gitte were full assistants as teacher trainers apprentices at the Unit 2 Teacher Training Workshop in Aalborg, Denmark. During July 11-15, 2010, the three travelled to the United States and attended a Unit 1 Teacher Trainer Retreat in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which allowed them to lead Music Mind Games Unit 1 Teacher Training Workshops.

Michiko nicknamed them the Danish Mindgateers.

Inge, Carsten, Gitte

Picture Taken By: Axel Søgaard