Music Mind Games Workshops

Unit 1 Workshops

Music Mind Games workshops are designed for music teachers to learn  focus on both practical concepts and philosophy. Our unique philosophy can be experienced by playing Music Mind Games games with a trainer and other music teachers. Teachers take home many new teaching ideas that their students will love. Our workshops are led by Teacher Trainers who have years of experience teaching Music Mind Games in their own studios or classrooms as well as in leading teacher training workshops. 


 WINTER 2022


   January 13–14 - Unit 1B
   Falun, Sweden


   February 9–11 - Unit 1B
   Malmö, Sweden


Due to the current world situation with the coronavirus pandemic, some Music Mind Games Teacher Trainers have postponed their workshops until it is safe to meet in person.


  Postponed (date TBA)
  Unit 1 Course - On Friday's for 10 Weeks in Osaka, Japan
  with Kana Nakamura and Maiko Horise


  Postponed (date TBA)
  Unit 2 Workshop in Madrid, Spain
  with Silvia Crusellas Maña


  Postponed (date TBA)
  Unit 1 Workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee
  with Kari Lapins and Kristen Tourville


  Postponed (date TBA)
  Unit 1 Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia
  with Silvia Crusellas Maña




These exuberant teachers just completed a Unit 1 workshop (30 hours) where they learned 100 great games together.