Music Mind Games workshops are designed for music teachers to focus on both practical concepts and philosophy. Teachers have hands-on opportunities to play the games together throughout the workshop.

They are led by certified Music Mind Games Teacher Trainers who have studied intensively with Michiko and had years of experience teaching Music Mind Games in their own personal studios or classrooms as well as in leading teacher training workshops. 


Interested in hosting?

Many of our workshops occur because of a teacher or group of teachers that reaches out to express interest. We are always excited to meet new people and travel to new places. If you're interested in hosting a workshop near you, please contact us

5-Day Workshop (Unit 1 or Unit 2) 

Our Unit 1 and Unit 2 workshops are immersive 5-day experiences with hands-on learning in a small group. Teachers learn the philosophy, how to play the games, and understand the curriculum. All workshops allow for time for demonstration classes with local students. If needed, Unit 1 and Unit 2 workshops may be taught in two parts.

Unit 1

Includes 30 teacher training hours and instruction on 100 games. 

Unit 2

Includes 30 teacher training hours and instruction on more than 70 games with a refresher of Unit 1 games. Requirement: Unit 1 completion.

1-Day Workshops 

Our shorter workshops are overview workshops and are modeled after our Unit 1 or Unit 2 curriculum. They show what Music Mind Games can do, and provide a brief but helpful overview of the concepts, goals, methods. They typically include 8-10 games from Unit 1 and Unit 2 games that teachers will play under the guidance of a certified Music Mind Games Teacher Presenter. Demonstration classes with local students may be included. 

1-2 Hour Presentations

These presentations are a great way to learn more about Music Mind Games. Presentations can have different formats, some focusing on specific topics, but all provide an introduction to Music Mind Games. 



* The exact number of games covered will vary based on the pace of the group and the teachers discretion.