Michiko Yurko (Maryland, USA) 

Our Unit 1 and 2 Teacher Trainers

Each of our teacher trainers is an accomplished musician, holds a university college degree and is an expert in his or her field of music education. They have taken multiple Unit 1 & 2 workshops with Michiko and personally assisted her at short workshops and Unit 1 & 2 workshops and successfully completed a week-long Unit 1 and/or Unit 2 teacher trainer retreat. They have spent years teaching Music Mind Games with their own students, assisted each other, been observed, and grown in their knowledge of current pedagogical trends. Each one maintains regular contact with Michiko and stays up to date with the games innovations and pedagogical developments in Music Mind Games.


One-Day, Conference Presentations, Unit 1 Teacher Trainers 


   Akiko Takahashi (England and Japan)



  Alexia Luscher (Maryland, USA)



  Kari Lapins (Arizona and Tennessee, USA)



  Kristen Tourville (Arizona and Missouri, USA)  



  Magdalena Prahl Broström (Sweden)



 Michiko Yurko (Maryland, USA) 



  Silvia Crusellas Maña (Spain and England) 



Unit 2 Teacher Trainers


 Michiko Yurko (Maryland, USA) 


Teacher Trainers on Sabbatical

 Joyce Bennett (Utah, USA)
 (On Sabbatical)


                 Amy Fowers (Utah, USA)
                 (On Sabbatical)


Teacher Trainer Apprentices 

Our apprentices have the same qualities and qualifications as our teacher trainers. While they don't teach full Unit 1 and Unit 2 workshops, they are prepared to present short presentations, teacher meet-ups, 1-day and 2-day overviews of Music Mind Games and assist teacher trainers in all Music Mind Games courses.

Alyse Korn (California, USA)

Birgitte Nørholm Villadsen (Denmark)

Ivan Enrique Garcia Pascual (Spain)

Jessi Lackey (Maryland, USA)

June Tak (South Korea)

Karin Hallberg (Arizona, USA) 

Kimberley Wong (England)

Malene Horsfeldt (Denmark)

Melissa Willis (Indiana and Maryland, USA) 

Moon Teng Yap (Malaysia)

Pia Siegwart (California, USA and Switzerland)